The Garden of Gethsemane



After opening up the website United States Prophecy in late 2008, I did not realize what type of warfare I was going to be in for. In September 2010 God was having me pray for my webmaster who was also my scribe. The first attacks came against my webmaster and by attacking her, the powers of darkness would try to shut down the website. I did not realize that it was an evil demonic Council of Six who was doing this.

In September 2010 my webmaster told me “I can’t take this any longer, you will have to find a new webmaster.” Devastated, crushed, and broken I felt like I had lost my best friend and I asked God what happened, and He said “Tomorrow go into the woods to a place I have prepared for you.”

The following day I did what He said and there was a place prepared for me in a clearing in the woods with a part of a log to sit on. There I cried out and asked the Lord, “What has happened? Why did this happen?”

Then Jesus said to me in a voice that indicated He was pleased, “Jack, welcome to the Garden of Gethsemane.” Then He said “What do you think it was like when I was on the earth, when I healed the lame, the blind, the lepers, the demon possessed, forgave the sins of many, and brought the gospel of the Kingdom to so many thousands of people? Remember that there was not a book big enough to contain all of the things I taught and all of the miracles that I performed. Yet these very people cried out, ‘crucify Him.’ How do you think I took that? Many that I thought were my true friends and followers turned against me.” (Isa 53:7-9)

After He said that, I was even more heartbroken and crushed. After spending many hours in this place in the woods God gave me an open 3-D vision of the Council of Six.

I was allowed to sit in their chamber and listen to the strategy against United States Prophecy, my scribe, and myself. There were six very powerful demons standing around a very large polished granite table and in the center of the table was a black pentagram. This chamber was very nice and well kept.

I saw the ringleader standing about 14 to 16 feet tall with the head of a goat and a dragon. He had large wings. The other five did not have wings, but they were also very large, about 8, 12, and 14 feet tall. Some had the head of a fox; some had the head of a wolf. One had the head of a goat, the chest and arms of a man, and legs like that of a ram or goat.

As I looked on and listened, the ringleader took his fist and slammed it into the top of the table and he said in a very loud voice “Have you shut down United States Prophecy?” The other five yelled back and said “No, but we have separated Jack and his webmaster.” Immediately upon that, out of the center of the table came black smoke and yellow, orange, and red fire along with Lilith the queen of the witches, the bride of Satan. She demanded from the leader of the Council of Six “Have you destroyed United States Prophecy, Jack, and his webmaster?” The reply from the ringleader of six was, “We have separated the two.”

She asked “How did you do it?” The others replied “We sent people into her life that told lies, and we used lying spirits to provoke her to anger.”

After listening to this conversation I was crushed and heartbroken. Then God the Father showed me who the lying spirits were. Immediately after that, Lilith disappeared out of the pentagram. A few moments had elapsed and then the leader of the Council of Six screamed with a loud voice and slammed his fists down on the table and said to the other five members “Go kill them both! I want Jack and his webmaster dead.” Right after he said that the other five members of the Council of Six screamed back and said “We will not do it!” and a great argument broke out with the Council of Six.

I asked God “Why did the five members refuse the ringleader in his request to kill us?” The Lord spoke to me and said “Haven’t you read in the scriptures where it says in Paul’s writings that ‘you shall judge the angels’?” For everything that the fallen angels do here on the earth, they will fall under severe judgment, so they are very careful in some of the things they do. By no means are these fallen angels stupid. They are very, very smart. After God had showed me what I was up against I realized I had entered a whole new realm of spiritual warfare.

After this the Father said “You shall fast and pray for your webmaster like you have never prayed before.” Then He showed me how severe the attacks against her had become. Prior to this, I believe she had been protected from these kinds of attacks. For days after this I spent much time in the woods with the Lord praying and listening to the things that He was telling me.

That week, soon after being shown the Council of Six and what had happened, I was going up to 7-11 to get a cup of coffee and a five foot dragon came behind me and attacked me. He drove his back leg talons into my thigh and kidneys and his front arms and talons were driven into my neck and shoulders and with his wings he started beating me with every type of evil thought that could come upon a man in just one minute. He drove me to the ground where I begged God for help. I could hear the witches, warlocks and black magicians laughing as I was being attacked. I could hear the devils gang spreading the news throughout the occult community that they had destroyed United States Prophecy.
(Refer to 1 Chronicles 10:8-10 where the Philistines celebrated the defeat of Saul in the temple of Dagon.)

Then the attack lifted and I saw the beast leaving my body. He took off going back up into the sky looking for a place to rest. I had black and blue marks on my back and legs where the talons locked on. That is when the Lord said to me that the time of the extortioner has come (Isa 16: 4), then God the Father said to read Isa 34:13-14.

In the original texts of the old bibles like the KJV and the Geneva, words like “dragon” and “dragons” are the true interpretation. You will find in the newer translations that these words now read as “jackals” and “serpents” and even “whales.”



This is what the Christians were fighting in the first centuries of the church. Satan had diluted the original scriptures with liberal theology and teachings of doctrines of demons. This in one reason the churches are so messed up in the world today. The number one contributor to this liberal theology is the Roman Catholic Church, which is idolatry and witchcraft at the highest level. In the writings to come I will be sharing with you the encounters that I have been having for the past three years with the realm of the dragons and what God has been showing me about them. These dragons are the principalities and rulers of darkness.

Your Brother in Christ,
John W. Jonhston

Jesus Sweated Blood in the Garden of Gethsemane

“The garden of Gethsemane is on the Mount of Olives. In Luke 22:44 we read,

“And being in agony, He prayed more earnestly. Then His sweat became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground.”

This is a rare condition called Hematidrosis, which is invariably caused from intense emotional agony.
Jesus’ disciples in Gethsemane were completely indifferent to Jesus’ problems, and fell asleep on three separate occasions. The disciples were asleep, while He was literally sweated blood caused by the intense emotional trauma he experienced.


What happened in the Garden of Gethsemane?