The following are some of the testimonies of the many people who have contacted me. Over the years I have also ministered to many folks over the phone. We only name the first name to protect the privacy of each person. These are real testimonies from real people across the nation and the world. As a matter of fact there are so many that there is not enough room to put them all here.

Stay strong and “Look up, for your redemption draws near.”

God bless you, Jack


My name is Andrew, I am 16. God has recently in December shown me the horrible things in this world, and especially here in the U.S., that we do on an everyday basis…AND ARE COMFORTABLE WITH.

I myself have decided to not conform with our society and evangelical churches anymore.
Everyday I pray for all who are true believers (and to those that are not). Because of what he has shown me, literally in spirit I feel the things that I do bad and good.
I was recently put on house arrest because of a something I did, which I believe was the will of god. Since I have been home everyday, I constantly seek the truth and talk to god.

Even though he does not “speak” back to me in words, he does in my heart.
On YouTube, I have seen your videos, in which your words have made realize something.
When you have said that you cried hysterically for hours on end because of the visions he has showed you of the near future, I realized that I too have seen the things you’ve seen.
Though maybe not actually seen with my eyes, I still knew exactly with every word you have said and what you are talking about.

Everyday a new earthquake has struck another part of the world, I have cried hysterically for hours on end because I know it is their destiny. When you said those who are destine for famine, will famine, those who are destine for captivity, will be in captivity, and so on,
my heart sank, because you have confirmed the things in which I have felt.

Every now and then I used to get these feelings of great sadness before something terrible happened in the world. And now that feeling is a constant feeling for me.

I do not know what has brought my attention to your videos on YouTube, but I ask of you PLEASE, PLEASE make more. These people in this world need people like you and I.

I feel that if you do make more, something great will happen to you.
I feel as if the people you say chastising you and hating you, the same quantity of people will listen and when these terrible things have started, that both you and I KNOW will happen,
some people will wake up.

Please John I urge you to keep making these videos, and do not just post them on YouTube, put them on every social site you can.

I love you, and all our people with all my heart.
God bless you, and keep doing what you’re doing.


Hello John,

Blessings my brother. Let me cut to the chase. The Lord showed me 5 yrs ago a vision. In the vision, He started by showing me a satellite (not quite sure why), then he showed me two massive explosions in the US. One around Southern Calif, the other on the Eastern seaboard…New York area I believe. The purpose of these (I sense) were to disable the US and take it off of the world stage as a superpower presence. Then I was shown a large bear around the area of Russia, and it was clutching three missiles in its right paw. I then saw the area of China. Upon this land was a machine that was continually spitting out swords. Upon the continent of Africa I saw a massive “Islamic Sword”. Then I was shown Israel. Upon the land of Israel was a pot of honey. Around the country of Israel was a huge bear trap. Outside of the bear trap were black serpents which encircled the bear trap, and land of Israel.

One year ago I was revealed a dream in which “American Idol” was shown at the beginning. Then I saw a huge American Commercial Airliner slam into the ocean, and then I was shown an American fighter jet slamming into the ocean. I believe that the Lord was showing me that because of American idolatry, first the commercial / business interests of the US will ”go down” followed by the US military interests.

Thanks for your words. It was nice to see you on YouTube. Unlike many who “prophesy”, your words resonate inside of me. Kind of refreshing actually. I listen to these guys like Kim Clement who go on about how the US is going to be prospered by the Lord, and I just don’t sense it. In fact I am being shown quite the opposite

All for your info my brother!

Scott from Canada


I am always very leery of anyone that calls themselves a prophet. I have prayed much about you and asked God to show me if you are from Him. He keeps leading me back to your site and videos and I have not received anything from the Lord that would tell me you are not from Him. So with that said I would like to ask you if the Lord has talked with your or showed you anything recently. What is our Lord saying now? Thanks for posting the videos and God bless you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


Honestly, I just wish people would leave you alone concerning your prophecies. You are telling the truth. However, Jeremiah, et al encountered essentially the same problem on a continual basis.

I am going to a David Terrell revival here in FL on April 1 (God willing). He has prophesied the same thing that you are saying for over 50 yrs. His first glimpse into the Chinese invasion by the Holy Spirit was in 1961! Yes, there is going to be an invasion by China coupled with nuclear bombs from Russia. All one has to do is to read Is 17 and 18 along with Jeremiah 51 as well as portions of Revelation (and allow the Holy Spirit to open the mind and heart)! It’s ALL there!! You are referenced most of these previously.

Terrell has stated that soon a catastrophic event will occur (along with the same word from David Wilkerson) that will set off riots in over 200 US cities and worldwide with a minimum of 90 days of martial law. Has the Lord given you any word concerning this event and the ramifications thereof? Duduman also said that we would have civil war/revolution in this nation before the invasion and bombing. The Lord has given me dreams and visions in the past concerning this NWO invasion and WW3. The new Pearl Harbor was 911, but the real war will begin in earnest with Iran. Time is of the essence, to say the least.

At any rate, please take heart that many of us thoroughly believe your word. Only those with discernment will truly comprehend (and few they will be). I will continue praying for you. Personally, I feel sorry for those who continually want to argue. They are blind indeed. Please pay no attention to them. This is a time for all to “come out from among them” as the mainline churches are being seduced by the spirit of this age.

Additionally, thank you for the recent response to my prayer request for healing and guidance concerning exiting FL. I feel that the Lord is leading me out of here (although I am not yet sure as to where I will go).

God Bless You, and Please do not stop warning and telling the truth!!!!!


My name is Paul and have only lately come to your website and what I read is real disturbing. I have tried to follow the end times and read up on it, but was not prepared for this.

I read the story about the chains around the heart of God’s children and I realized that it’s happened to me, I see people how they live as they want to and then I cry to God to give me a compassion for them. When I have the opportunity to witness, I go blank, and then later on I feel I can cry as an opportunity has slipped passed. I don’t want to delay anymore, Jesus coming is so close and I desperately don’t want to stand before Him empty handed.

I am staying in South Africa and my family are not involved in a church anymore, I have also pleaded before God that He will show us where He wants us to go, but somehow, we are not getting the breakthrough.

I know the time is near, we need to do something…quick…please pray for us. I have taken enough wrong decisions in my life

I thank you for publishing this, and what you say is true, the Pastors preach all these victory teachings but none preaching living Holy, repentance, prepare for His coming. I sometimes wonder how many are aware of what is going on right now.

May God shield and protect you and keep you as Watchman to inform us

Love in the name of Jesus our Lord

Your videos really have helped open my eyes and I have had you on my mind spiritually.
Just sending an encouraging word not to give up!!! I hope your day is a good one!!!

Your sister in Jesus Christ,

Dear Jack,

I’m a Chinese living in Hong Kong. I used to be a foreign student studying in the States and received Jesus as my Savior through an evangelist on campus. Later I moved to Canada and stayed there for a few years. After being away for more than 10 years, I finally went back to my birthplace Hong Kong.

I have been reading your website and your prophecies about the US for the last few months. I think the message is not only for people in the US, but also all around the world. Over last year, I felt the urgent need to seek the Lord and walk closely with Him. I believe that it’s only in Him that we can find peace and rest in times ahead.

God Bless,

Hello John,

Thank you so much for the website that you have, it has really blessed me here in the UK. I recently too saw a massive wave hit the east coast of America.

I remember a dream I once had that I was in a hotel in the UK and a massive wave hit 2 times I was in a room with my son in the dream it seemed as there was no escape.

(Word) I was given a scroll by Gabriel and ate it, here is what Gabriel says to the world: we have unleashed the terrors stored up in Heaven for this time, the world will reel and shudder and wobble and groan, many thousands will fall, the trumpets have sounded the time is hear, the four horse men have ridden out , plague famine and death is upon you. You who seek the LORD do not worry do not fear, for The LORD YOUR GOD is with you, but to those who hate The LORD YOU GOD woe be unto you. Choose life now while you still can, the hand will be withdrawn very soon, time is short, the woes and wrath of the LORD YOUR GOD is upon you.

I was given a sword by Michael the archangel that was silver looking and had a blue flame. It was for breaking down strongholds of the enemy. Is this a sword I was given in reality? I was also given a golden sword which was on fire with gold fire by Gabriel, which sword should I keep? I try to keep them both stabbed into my heart as they don’t hurt me but can kill demons. I also have a shield of faith which is like a force field of blue tinged with gold all around me, it can explode killing demons but always re-forms around me instantly, and this shield is available to all Christians.

I once did a 40 day fast for the state of my country and was asking for godly leaders to rule my nation, and yet my country will still fall soon I believe.

Mark C.

Dear John,

I would like to share with you my visions/dreams and I will try to make it brief.

1) When I was 6-9yrs old I would have dreams of Russia invading the US. I remember it used to scare me as a child. I would always say when the dream continued, I need to warn the people that they are back.
2) Tidal waves, I have had 3 in the last 6 months.
3) The most beautiful dream of all. I was driving down the road and everyone’s car shut off for it seemed like 5 minutes. Everything came to a halt. When I was able to continue driving I said “I need to tell my good friend Michelle what just happened”……..so I did. As I was leaving her house it was dark and up in the sky was a gold image of Jesus, his image was so perfect in my dream I remember feeling scared but at peace. I then looked over at my friend and stated “I told you he would come before then.”
4) A couple days ago I had a dream that someone passed away and I was so sad. I prayed to God and all of a sudden an electrical surge was so bright and went through my entire body. I remember what it felt like. I remember saying “I knew you never left me.”

As a child I have been blessed. I am a child that lost both kidneys and within 2 weeks had no sign of kidney failure and the doctors could not understand. I am also the same child that was hit on a bike and never fell off my bike or was hurt in anyway and my bike was fine. The lady driving the vehicle said she was going 45 mph. I look back on my life and know that the Lords hands have never left mine.
I am no saint and I am a sinner. I have repented and asked for Mercy. I try to live my life right and spread the word as well. I sometimes wish I could take back things I have said and stupid actions I have done, but I can not and hope I am forgiven.
I wanted to share this with you and let you know that I believe the words you speak and I hope others will listen with their ears and feel with their hearts because what is going to happen on this earth is going to be No Joke and a lot of people don’t get it. I hope you touch them the way you have me and my friends.


Hi John,

I stumbled on this site today and wanted to write to you to say thank you so much. I live North of Seattle (approx 35 miles North an East) in a small town called Snohomish Washington.
I’m writing you to say that I have had this feeling that something was getting ready to happen real soon to our nation. Not sure exactly but feel like I need to get ready for something.

I am a believer in Jesus and stand ready to help; aid or do whatever I can to assist our brothers in Christ in the days weeks and months ahead.

I keep hearing this in my mind. Days, weeks and months. Does this mean anything to you?

If you have and advice or direction then please Sir if you would be so kind as to offer direction I am all eyes and ears.

Respectfully Yours In Christ,

Hi there my name is Glen and I live in Idaho. I moved here from New York about 7 years ago because God showed me all the things you are saying. I know Idaho will get hit too. But there are a lot of Christians who God is calling here. He said it is a place of refuge to what is already stared. All I can ask is if the spirit tells you to email me I would like that. There is a lot of things I think we can learn and share, but only if the spirit tells you too.

Your Brother in our Lord Christ, Glen.


I was checking out your site and wanted to tell you of the vision or dream I had about a year and half ago. Before all the talk of China buying US oil companies and financing our debt.

I had a dream one night that the Chinese bankrupted our economy by calling our note due. This caused Wall Street to collapse, bankrupting the US economy. At the same time this happened the Chinese’s invaded the US. I saw the Texas coast and California. I was battling the Chinese Army with an AK 47. I wondered why the gun, and it was to get more ammo off the enemy.
I’ve told many people about this dream and then saw the Reuters story today that came out yesterday. I searched YouTube and found your site I haven’t watched it or read it. I thought I should share my vision with you first. I normally have visions of stuff happening to friends and co-workers but this was bigger than all of those.



Just over a week ago Jack had prayed for me over the phone, this is Daniel from Ontario, Canada. I wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time for me to help me. God has definitely been helping since then. I can feel the strengthening in my spirit and the help that came to my mind from talking to him. I followed his advice to go back to the church I had been going to, and it was God for me to do that, and they received me back and washed my feet and prayed for me, and now I can finally feel restoration coming into my spirit. I believe God just wanted me back in fellowship with his people. So I will do my best to submit myself there as a servant, like he said, and I will continue to pray with them and I know God is going to finish what he began.
Like Jack told me, God is calling his people back to unity, and I realize now the importance of the body and not to “forsake the gathering together and even more as you see the day approaching”.

I also want to thank him for the YouTube videos. I realize there must be A LOT of warfare against getting those videos out, but if he is able, and I pray that God will give him the faith and strength, because we need God’s voice. I know especially when Jack gives instruction it is very powerful and helpful and releases faith and authority. Few people have the understanding and prophetic revelation of the operations of the kingdom of darkness that he does, so I thank God and am praying also to the Lord Jesus for His help against the antichrist forces, for Jack and the Church fellowship I am in, who I pray God will awaken them to the hour that we are in for this world.

God has not yet spoken to them about how little time is left (except that He has through many prophetic voices that are declaring the same thing as Jack). Actually, that is God speaking, because on Sunday morning when I was praying whether I really should go back to the church fellowship I had left, I asked the Lord if He would speak to me because there was so much confusion in my head about it, and He said to me, “I have spoken to you”, and I realized He meant when Jack had told me and prayed for me to go back, that was Him speaking.

Yet I still pray that God will give this revelation to the fellowship I am in, because EVERYTHING would change if God’s people actually had a clear enough revelation of how much time we have left. Everyone has these huge amounts of money saved up in retirement savings and other accounts, (heaping up treasure for themselves in the last days like James 5 says), but if they actually knew from God in our hearts enough to bank on it, that there are only several years left, then we could all quit work and all bring those riches into the church and everyone could live together in community seeking the Lord till He comes. I am praying for this, because God’s people need to know, and should know how much time is left, if we are truly “of the day, children of the light, so that the day of the Lord should not overtake us as a thief”.

I wish I could send money to support him, please give me the address that I can send some to him when I can.

Thank you again so much, in Jesus name
God bless you both.


Praise our Lord Christ Jesus
God Bless You,
John W. Johnston