Your Help is Needed

Hello Brothers & Sisters,

I am a friend of John Johnston and I am reaching out to the body of Christ in this blog post to ask for your help. Jack, as his friends call him, was just diagnosed with diabetes and even worse, the doctor said he has a herniated main heart valve that is leaking and he needs emergency surgery. Please pray for Jack. He has lost a lot of weight and is like a skeleton of a man. He also does not have insurance and the medical bills are accumulating. If you should feel led to help out with a donation for Jacks medical expenses, he would greatly appreciate it.

Jack lives a very simple life in the mountains of Virginia and has no computer skills, and does not even have an internet connection. I have maintained the site for many years, and will continue to make sure it stays up until the Lord tells me no more.

Thank you to everyone who have supported Jack over the years. He is very grateful for your donations.

Make a donation by clicking here.

On behalf of Jack, may God bless you.